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Starr lab, January, 2012

MEDSTARRLAB 2012_01_Lab_Photo_inside.png

Left to Right:  Tim Starr, Raha Allaei, Ryan Kang, Callie Janik, Brandon Ng, Lindsey Foran, Laura Sheehan, Danielle Foran, Dane Schalaben-Boateng, Courtney Goodrich, Lee Pribyl, Negin Shafizadeh

Tim Starr Principal Investigator                                                            
Casey Dorr Post-doctoral fellow
Callie Janik Scientist
Lee Pribyl Scientist
Lindsey Foran Undergraduate
Brandon Ng Undergraduate
Dane Schalaben-Boateng Undergraduate
Laura Sheehan Undergraduate
Danielle Foran Undergraduate
Negin Shafizadeh Visiting M.D.
Ryan Kang Undergraduate
Makayla Maile Undergraduate
Nick Brady Graduate rotation
Tarah Regan-Anderson Graduate rotation
Courtney Goodrich Graduate rotation

Raha Allaei

Graduate student (honorary adjunct)


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