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The following core techniques are in use in participant labs. If you wish to obtain practical experience of one or more of these, please write to the principal investigator, email addresses are given.

Ansari:  ansari@biochem.wisc.edu
Artificial transcription factors for specific tasks

Garry:  garry@umn.edu
Transcriptome analysis
Transcription factor biochemistry
Mouse developmental genetics
Cell sorting

Kamp:  tjk@medicine.wisc.edu
Cardiac differentiation protocols
Cardiomyocyte characterization and physiology

Kyba:  kyba@umn.edu
Human and mouse ES/iPS culture
Inducible cassette exchange in ES cells
Cell sorting
Cell type reprogramming methods

Slack:  slack017@umn.edu
Xenopus model organism techniques
Cell type reprogramming methods

Slukvin:  islukvin@wisc.edu
Human ES/iPS cell culture
Hematopoietic development from ES cells
Cell sorting
Colony assays
Expression profiling

Thomson:  thomson@primate.wisc.edu
Generation of human ES and iPS cells
iPS production by non-integrating methods
High throughput sequencing and bioinformatics

Zhang:  zhang047@umn.edu
In vivo transplantation models (small and large animal)
In vivo MRI imaging
In vivo NMR spectroscopy

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