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Jennifer Gunn

MEDHISTMED Jennifer Gunn
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Jennifer L. Gunn, Associate Professor and Program Director, received her M.A. and Ph.D. in History and Sociology of Science from the University of Pennsylvania. Her dissertation was on graduate medical education in the United States, and she has a continuing interest in health policy. Previous work was focused on the intersections among the history of medicine, biology, and the social sciences, particularly around the issues of population, birth control, and eugenics.

Selected Publications:

Unfulfilled Prescriptions:  Graduate Schools of Medicine in Twentieth-Century America.  Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press (forthcoming).

Influenza and Public Health:  Histories and Dialogues for the Future.  T. Giles-Vernick and S. Craddock, eds., with J. L. Gunn.  London:  Earthscan, Ltd. (forthcoming 2010).

Craddock, S., Giles-Vernick, T., and Gunn, J.L., “Restriction de la liberté de mouvement, isolation et quarantaine: perspectives historiques sur les débats actuels.” In Emmanuel Hirsch, ed. Pandémie grippale: l’ordre de mobilisation (Paris: Editions du Cerf, 2010).
"Compromising Positions: A Story of Early 20th-Century Occupational Medicine on Minnesota’s Iron Range." Minnesota Medicine 90 (2007): 34-39.
“A Few Good Men: the Rockefellers and Population Studies.” In The Development of the Social Sciences in the U.S. and Canada: the Role of Philanthropy. Theresa Richardson and Donald Fisher, eds. (Stamford, CT: Ablex Publishing, 1999), 97-114.
"Factory Work for Doctors: the Early Years of the Section on Industrial Medicine and Public Health of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia." Transactions and Studies of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Series V, 17 (1995): 61-93.

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