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Welcome to the Program in the History of Medicine
at the University of Minnesota!

The Program is dedicated to research and teaching of the intellectual and social history of disease, health care, and medical science in all their aspects. At the Graduate level, we have merged with the Program in the History of Science and Technology to form a joint Program in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine.  We offer:

  • Graduate work leading to M.A. and Ph.D. degrees
  • Undergraduate elective courses and an undergraduate minor
  • Historical segments in the Medical School curriculum
  • An annual lecture series

MEDHISTMED Spring 2015 Course Flyer PDF

 Twin Cities Research Opportunities:

We are fortunate to possess excellent research facilities at the University of Minnesota. The Program shares a floor of the Biomedical Library with the Owen H. Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine which currently holds in excess of 60,000 volumes and has an active acquisitions program. The University also houses important manuscripts and papers in the Social Welfare History Archives, the Immigration History Research Center, and the Charles H. Babbage Institute-Center for the History of Information Technology. Other important sources in medical history in the Twin Cities include the Minnesota Historical Society and State Archives and the Bakken Library and Museum of Electricity in Life.

Upcoming Events

Feb. 2,  2015:
"The Demography of Abortion in the Nineteenth-Century United States."  J. David Hacker, PHD, Dept. of History, Univ. of Minnesota.
12:20-1:10pm, 555 Diehl Hall

Feb. 13, 2015:
"Spanning Cultural Difference in Food and Health." Craig Hassel, PHD, Dept. of Food,  Science, and Nutrition, Univ. of Minnesota.
3:35pm-5:00pm, 275 Nicholson Hall

Feb. 27, 2015:
"From Plants to Pills: Take Bitter Roots for Malaria."  Abena Dove Osseo-Asare, PHD, Dept. of History, Univ. of Texas at Austin.
3:35pm-5:00pm, 131 Tate Lab of Physics (HSTM Friday Colloquium series)

Recent Publications

Jole Shackelford, Northern Lights and Northern Times: Swedish Leadership in the Foundation of Biological Rhythms Research, American Philosophical Society, 2013.

Dominique Tobbell, "Plow, Town, and Gown: The Politics of Family Practice in 1960s America," Bulletin of the History of Medicine 87 (2013): 648-680.

Jennifer Gunn, " Back to the Future: Minnesota's Rural Health Workforce Shortages,” Minnesota Medicine 96 (2013): 41-45.



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