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Equipment List

Equipment is available for faculty and staff free of charge follow required training, please click the link of individual equipment for more details.

Photo Processor (All Pro Model 100 Plus, Serial # 016743, Time cycle 90 sec)

Confocal Microscope (Nikon Eclipse TE2000U)

Fluorescent Microscope (Nikon Eclipse 300 Microscope equipped with ratiometric fluorescence capabilities)

Flow Cytometer (Becton Dickinson FACSCalibur)

Small and Large Autoclaves

DI Water

Scintillation counter (Beckman LS 6500)

Nano Drop

Gel developer

Phosphor imagers

Request for service or equipment

To request for new equipment, maintenance/service/training for existing equipment, please download DMRI Equipment Request Form , submit the completed form to school of Medicine Room 305 or email Farynn at



 Image Microscope Nikon 352x214

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